Friday, January 29, 2010

Bursting Ella's bubble cont'd.

We started our Early Learning program on Wednesday. The day started off with a phone call from the teacher asking about Play-doh. "Was it safe for Ella?" Luckily, I'd read on someone's blog somewhere along the lines that no, play-doh is NOT safe for children with wheat allergies. Otherwise, I'm just not sure that it would have occurred to me to think about that. I mean, DUH. Play-doh is made from flour and flour = wheat. I feel like I'm still figuring out this allergy stuff and I'm learning new things every day but I'm just not sure that it would have occurred to me to think about things she's just playing with and not eating. I feel dumb typing even typing that out but I remember reading that blog post and going "oh yahhh.... huh."

Anywho. The teacher said she wouldn't put it out for the kids to play with and that we could work together to find a safe alternative for the rest of the semester. Could this teacher make my life any easier?!? I could just kiss her!

Coincidentally, a few weeks ago, my mom & I were shopping at a local natural baby boutique that was going out of business (RIP Papay Patch) and they had some Gluten Free Eco-Dough on the shelf. I thought we were getting a great deal at 30% off so my mom got it for Ella. It's made from food-grade materials & smells delicious! BUT at full price, it's $30. I know I can't ask her teacher to spend that kind of money on play-doh. So I did some googling and found Aroma-Dough. It DOES NOT contain nuts, nut oils, perfumes, soy, dairy products or wheat. And it comes in a convenient classroom size bucket for the same price that we got the Eco-Dough for. So that's what I'll recommend her teacher get and I'm looking forward to seeing the difference between the two brands.

And I need to remember to buy Mrs. K a nice big gift when the semester is over. She is truly bending over backwards for us.

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  1. You could make your own gluten free playdough