Monday, November 9, 2009

What's gonna be on our plates this week?

I took another 9pm trip to the grocery store tonight to do the weekly grocery shopping. This week, I went off of what was on sale & planned the week's menu around what I bought.

Monday: We had pasta of varying sorts (buckwheat soba for me, rice pasta for Ella and whole wheat pasta for Hubby) with gluten-free turkey meatballs and "mock marinara" (made from beets and carrots). It was not a crowd pleaser. I didn't think the sauce was so bad but poor Hubby really struggled to get through it. Ella ate most of it then proceeded to throw the rest on the floor so it's hard to say what her true feelings were.

Tuesday: Beef stew w/the usual carrots, potatoes, etc. I'd love to serve this with a nice crusty bread but will have to settle for this, instead.

Wednesday: Herb roasted turkey breast, mashed potatoes and green beans. I was super psyched about the turkey breast -- it was on sale for $1.99/lb and it was the last one and had no price sticker so the manager gave it to me for $0.99/lb. Woot!

Thursday: Baked pork chops, maple-glazed roasted butternut squash and spinach sauteed in garlic & EVOO. Hubby is so NOT a squash fan so I'm hoping to entice him with the maple syrup glaze.

Friday: Having friends over for dinner & will serve Harvest Salad (delish! recipe to follow...), de-glutened & de-egged Thanksgiving Loaves, from my friend Meghan's blog and roasted sweet potatoes. Perhaps with a gluten-free, casein-free cranberry pear crisp for dessert... Mmmm!

Saturday: DATE NIGHT!!!! I'm a little too excited about this. We haven't been on a date with just the two of us in oh I don't know... 6 months?! Eating out is incredibly challenging when you have so many food sensitivities but I usually stick to steak or grilled fish with nothing on it and sides of steamed veggies with nothing on them. I find that a wedge of lemon (for fish) and a little S&P at the table is usually plenty of seasoning. Admittedly, not the most exciting way to go but I know it's safe to eat which makes it taste even better. The hard part will be going to the movies and avoiding the popcorn but I've got a plan... More on this later.

Sunday: Leftovers

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