Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Keeping myself organized

I started off the New Year, like so many millions of other people, vowing to get more organized. Because so much of my life revolves around planning, preparing and shopping for meals these days, I realized that I need to get it down to a science. I'm busy chasing after an active toddler now and can't just go to the freezer at 5:30pm and try to pull something together. By that time, Ella's busy trying to climb the shelves of the pantry, ready to fend for herself. I found this cute meal planner/shopping list but couldn't justify spending the $8.99 + shipping to get 50 sheets of paper. So, instead, I used it as my inspiration and created my own in Excel.

I bought a memo-sized clipboard from Staples for $1.99; used some Mod Podge (that I had laying around from a previous project) and some fun paper that I got at the craft store for $0.41, to cover the boring brown clipboard; slapped some magnetic tape (also laying around from a previous project) on the back, hung it on my fridge & clipped on my menu planning/shopping list. The end result is almost as cute as my inspiration but much MUCH cheaper.

We're in the middle of the second week of having every dinner planned out & shopped for ahead of time. I'm breathing easier already!


  1. I am totally stealing this!

  2. Di, I emailed you a copy but if anyone else would like one, leave me a message.